Everything you need to know about disinfectant wipes

Everything you need to know about disinfectant wipes


Since the COVID-19 pandemic first arrived in Australia in early 2020, disinfectant wipes have surged in popularity, frequently selling out across cities. And for good reason. This product has many benefits and can be used by both consumers to keep their homes and families safe, and by businesses to use in their venues and offices to protect their staff and customers. It’s now commonplace to see disinfectant wipes in public places, like in front of retail store entrances, and the trolley bay at your local supermarket.

What are disinfectant wipes?

Also called antibacterial wipes or sanitising wipes, they are individual towelettes that are pre-moistened with a disinfecting formula designed to kill pathogens on a range of surfaces with a quick wipe.

High touch areas in the public domain such as doorknobs, handrails, buttons and EFTPOS machines are examples of places where disinfectant wipes can be highly effective, as well as items in your home such as counters, TV remotes, and even your mobile phone!

Cleaning vs. Sanitising vs. Disinfecting

Did you know that cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting are all different? With the myriad of cleaning products available on the market, it’s easy to get confused between these terms.

  • Cleaning is the removal of visible marks, mess and dirt from a surface, and is usually done with a simple spray and wipe.
  • Sanitising correctly actually reduces the number of pathogens found on clean surfaces to within safe levels. The cleaning product requires proper dilution as well as resting time for pathogens to be neutralised.
  • Disinfecting removes more germs than sanitising, which makes it more effective at killing pathogens such as COVID-19. They also contain a higher level of active chemicals.

Benefits of disinfectant wipes?

Easy to use

The key advantage of disinfectant wipes is that they are simple to use, as they are pre-moistened there is no risk of using the incorrect amount or dilution of the product. Additionally, they are quicker than using a combination of products that require correct mixing, spray application and then wiping with a cloth.


In addition to being easier to use than a combination of products, they are also more convenient to store as they are often contained in a sachet or tube with single-use wipes easily accessed. As the wipes are pre-moistened, you are not carrying around liquid chemicals and so there is no risk of leakage or spillage on the go.

Highly effective 

Multiple studies have been done regarding the efficacy of single-use disinfectant wipes against bacteria, fungi and other dangerous pathogens. The results have shown time and again that these wipes will allow you to clean effectively, and remove viruses and germs from surfaces.

Environmentally friendly

A key product improvement in recent years in the eyes of consumers has been the move to biodegradable and even flushable disinfectant wipes. Knowing that you can use these wipes to protect your family, friends, employees and customers without harming the environment is a huge motivator for making the switch to single-use wipes.

No risk of cross-contamination

A significant advantage that disinfectant wipes have over other methods is the fact that they are single-use. This removes the potential for the spread of pathogens from one surface to another that can occur when using a spray and reusable cloth.

Usage across industries

Another key benefit is the ability to use them across high-touch “pathogen danger zones” for multiple industries and locations. Whether you work in the healthcare industry, the hospitality industry, the retail industry, in an office environment and even wholesale businesses in warehouses, disinfectant wipes can improve your cleaning and hygiene procedures.


When you order wipes in high quantities from a wholesale supplier, such as Cleaner Future, you can reduce the overall cost significantly, as well as reduce the frequency you need to order cleaning supplies. Many supplies also offer free shipping above a certain order level, which saves you even more money in the long run. Additionally, by ensuring your venue, office or home is operating at the highest cleanliness levels, you can cut down on employee sickness, as well as avoid the possibility of your customers picking up a virus while in your location.


If you look at the total time you save each year, the figures are huge for your staffing levels. Your cleaning team will no longer need to spend time diluting chemicals correctly, refilling chemical bottles and dispensers and no need to safely launder reusable cloths. Additionally, there is less training time required for cleaning staff, as it is a simple one-step process with uncomplicated equipment, and there is no risk of them incorrectly mixing chemicals from concentrate.

Downsides to disinfectant wipes?

Check the formulation

Not all disinfectant wipes are created equal, with the formulation varying from brand to brand. It’s important to purchase from a reputable supplier, as the quality of chemicals is very important. Additionally, when you’re using across food preparation areas it’s important to follow the disinfection with a potable wash, as these shouldn’t be ingested.


Not for use on skin

One key downside to disinfectant wipes is that they are not to be used on skin - as the chemicals are quite harsh and can strip the natural oils over time. There is also some confusion by consumers between sanitising wipes and disinfectant wipes - with sanitising wipes being able to be used on skin safely.


Given the ease and convenience of disinfectant wipes, it is only natural that they have become so highly sought after during recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The multitude of benefits makes them a valuable product to have in your arsenal for fighting dangerous bacteria, pathogens and viruses and help to keep you and the wider community safe.


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