The COV-RID Twin Pack


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Think for a moment what happens when you leave your house, you’re potentially exposing your family to germs, bacteria and viruses. Viruses don’t discriminate and they are easily transmittable and can bring a whole economy down. Heres the thing, the common household contains a whole range of microbes, bacteria and fungus. Most people think once they are home they are safe, if it looks clean it generally is?? This mentality will no longer protect our homes.

Lets bring certainty back into the equation and make everything a little cleaner, now and into the future with two simple steps.

Step One: COMMAND.
Apply neat to common touch points and amenities around your home. Then wipe clean with a towel or the Cleaner Future microfibre cloth.

Step Two: ZOONO.
Spray on the entire surface of the same common touch points and amenities or spray onto a Cleaner Future microfibre cloth and apply evenly, making sure the surfaces are covered completely to adequately seal and shield. Allow ZOONO to dry, re-applying weekly or monthly as required.

COMMAND and ZOONO Z-71 Microbe Shield have been curated by Cleaner Future to give your household a cleaner surface and shield as possible. COMMAND kills 99.99% of all bacteria, as well as cleaning grease stains, oil, mould and grime, whilst delivering a potent antimicrobial element. ZOONO is a non-toxic, water based, food safe, kid safe microbe shield that contains no harsh chemicals or toxins — in fact, it contains less toxins than vitamin C or coffee — meaning a cleaner and safer house is sprayed, sealed and delivered.

* Zoono has been proven to be effective against COVID-19

*Zoono has over 156 independent lab reports to prove efficacy